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The Harmonization Group develops methodology for integrating information from extant survey and non-survey sources into multi-country multi-years datasets that enable comparative, cross-national research. We introduce Survey Data Recycling, SDR, a new data reprocessing framework that incorporates quality control of the source data into ex-post harmonization of cross-national surveys. Our main products are: (a) a database with harmonized measurements of political attitudes and behavior, social values, and demographic characteristics, with metadata for source data quality and for harmonization procedures, and with country characteristics; it pools information from 1721 national surveys stemming from 22 international survey projects, 142 countries and territories, and over 2 million respondents interviewed at various points between 1966 and 2013.The database is available at Harvard University’s Dataverse; (b) the bi-annual newsletter, Harmonization, on the methodology of survey data harmonization; (c) the book, Democratic Values and Protest Behavior: Harmonization of Data from International Survey Projects (2016); and (d) conferences and workshops on data quality and survey data harmonization. The Harmonization Group, led by Kazimierz M. Slomczynski and Irina Tomescu-Dubrow, is based at the Polish Academy of Sciences, in partnership with The Ohio State University and Cross-national Studies: Interdisciplinary Research and Training program ( Our data, newsletter, and book are free to the public at