Comparative Survey Process Quality

Responding to cross-national diversity and change over time. An analysis of possible
revisions to the ESS Partnership and Life Course Questions

Rory Fitzgerald and Sally Widdop

Methodological nationalism in comparative survey research and strategies to overcome it

Guy Elcheroth, Sandra Penic, Francesco Lagana & Dominique Joye, Université Lausanne

Survey Climate in Switzerland

Dominique Joye, Université Lausanne

Adding Quality Assurance Steps to the Survey Process: Adapting International Standards to
Surveys in the Republic of Georgia

Alisú Schoua-Glusberg, Research Support Services, Evanston

Monitoring Quality in Cross-National Survey Research: TQM meets TSE

Beth-Ellen Pennell, Kirsten Alcser, Sue Ellen Hansen, Ashley Bowers, ISR University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

ISO Survey Research Standard

Bill Blyth, TNS-Europe, London

Comparative Survey Process Quality

Lars Lyberg, University of Stockholm

Pretesting and Testing

Why branch attitude questions? Theoretical and methodological considerations

Davide Lubian, University of Rome “Sapienza

Enhancing the Validity of Intercultural Comparative Surveys – The Use of Probing Techniques
in Internet Surveys

Michael Braun & Dorothée Behr, GESIS, Mannheim

Assessing Item Quality in 3M Surveys

Peter Ph. Mohler, University of Mannheim

Testing the Equivalence of an Instrument to Assess Schwartz’s Human Values: How Harmful
are Translations?

Eldad Davidov, University of Zurich & Alain de Beuckelaer (University of Nijmegen)

Comparative Cognitive Pretesting Project

Kristen S. Miller, CDC/CCHIS/NCHS, Washington, et. al.

Language & Quality

Mapping the linguistic terrain: languages and dialects of national surveys

Brian Kleiner & Isabelle Renschler, FORS, Lausanne

A Framework for the Effect of Language of Survey Administration on the Response
Formation Processes

Emilia Peytcheva, RTI International, Research Triangle Park

Managing Translations in a Single CAPI Implementation Across SHARE Countries

Alerk Amin, Eric Balster (CentERdata, Tilburg) & Annelies Blom (SHARE, MEA, University of Mannheim)

Translation Quality

Translation Evaluation in the Team Translation Approach

Dorothée Behr, GESIS, Mannheim

Advance Translation in the European Social Survey (ESS) Round 5, 2010

Brita Dorer & Dorothée Behr, GESIS, Mannheim

Types of translation for surveys?

Janet A. Harkness, Survey Research and Methodology Program and Gallup Research Center at UNL, Lincoln


Comparative Methods of Data Collection Quality Monitoring

Grant Benson, ISR University of Michigan & Hendrik Jürges, MEA, Mannheim

Interview Privacy in Cross-Cultural Survey Research: The World Mental Health Survey Experience

Zeina N. Mneimneh & Beth-Ellen Pennell, ISR University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Effects of Interviewer Experience on Components of Nonresponse in the European Social Survey

Oliver Lipps & Alexandre Pollien, FORS, Lausanne

Data Collection

Implementing a Data Collection Quality Profile for Cross-National Surveys

Kirsten H. Alcser & Grant Benson, ISR University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 


Measuring, Explaining and Adjusting for Cross-Country Differences in Unit Nonresponse: What Can Process Data Contribute?

Annelies Blom, MEA, Mannheim

Comparative analysis of nonresponse bias

Ineke Stoop, SCP, Den Haag

Applying the Multi-level Integrated Database Approach (MIDA) across Countries

Tom W. Smith, NORC at the University of Chicago

International Affairs

Socio-Economic Impact of ICTs : Learning from the Emerging Markets

Hassan Bashir, Athar Osama & Charles T. Kent, Texas A&M University at Qatar

Harmonization and Data Processing

Discrete versus Continuous: the Transition in Data Processing Systems

Peter Granda, ICPSR, Ann Arbor

Decomposition of Error Introduced by Ex-Post Harmonization

Christopher Ward, Felicia LeClere, Pamela Smock, Lynette Hoelter, Peter Granda, James Lepkowski, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor