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Virtual Social Event in Kumospace!

The virtual social events will start immediately following each live panel session. You will need to register with Kumospace before you can join the virtual event. Please note there is a maximum of 30 users per room, so there are multiple rooms to explore and meet guests. 

If you registered for the workshop, you will receive the link to join Kumospace via email.

The Basics of Kumospace

How do I move around?

There are multiple ways to move around in Kumospace.

  1. ?️ Click with your mouse or ? tap on your screen to where you want to go, and your video will move to that location.
  2. ⌨️ Use your keyboard’s Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys. These keys will move you up, down, left, and right, respectively.
  3. ✋ On a phone or tablet, swipe towards a certain direction. This will move you in that direction. 

Adjusting zoom

You can zoom in and out to view more or less of your surroundings and other people in Kumospace. Zooming in and out can be easily done by clicking the plus (+) and minus () icons at the bottom left of the screen. Alternatively, pressing the + and ⌨️ keys will do the same.

What is spatial audio?

Sound in Kumospace behaves like it does in real life. The closer you are to someone, the louder they sound. We call this spatial audio.

This technology allows groups to organically form and dissolve in different areas of the same space at the same time. In Kumospace, the best discussions don’t happen in dedicated breakout rooms but fluidly and serendipitously throughout the room.

Who can hear me?

At the bottom of your browser window, there is a “Range” button. Click it to see who is within your range and can hear you and who is beyond your range and cannot hear you. Your range is indicated by the dotted circle.

For more information on Kumospace, please visit: