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Survey Process Quality

Upgrading tender specifications for the European Company Survey (ECS): Integrating Advanced Translation and Cognitive Interviewing into the questionnaire design process

Greet Vermeylen, Eurofound, European Union

Measuring comparative error

Brad Edwards, Westat, USA

Quality assurance and quality control in 3M surveys

Gelaye Worku and Lars Lyberg, Stockholm Universitet, Sweden

Quality Assessment of ISSP Background Variables

Evi Scholz and Regina Jutz, GESIS, Germany

Best and actual practices: Documenting data collection on the ISSP

Lauren Doerr, NORC, USA

Surveying Hard to Reach Populations (H2R)

Conducting surveys in areas of armed conflict

Zeina Mneimneh, Bill Axinn,  Dirgha Ghimire, Kristen Cibelli, University of Michigan, USA and M. Al-Kaisy, Ibn Seena Teaching Hospital

Surveying cultural and linguistic minorities

Janet Harkness, Matthew Strange, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Kristen Cibelli, University of Michigan, Peter Mohler, University of Mannheim, Beth-Ellen Pennell, University of Michigan, USA of Michigan, ISR-SRC, USA

Five Dimensions that Impact Surveying Disaster Affected Populations

Beth-Ellen Pennell,  Yashwant Deshmukh, Jennifer Kelley, James Wagner, and Patty Maher, University of Michigan, ISR-SRC, USA

Language & Translation

Quantitative evaluation of questionnaire translation with bilingual speakers

Sunghee Lee, Julia Lee, and Jennifer Kelley, University of Michigan, ISR-SRC, USA

Learning effects in answering surveys in a non-native language

Oliver Lipps, Brian Kleiner, and Eliane Ferrez, FORS, Switzerland

Questionnaire Development & Testing

The challenges in cross-national cognitive interviewing

Beth-Ellen Pennell, Zeina Mneimneh, Kristen Cibelli, and Jennifer Kelley, University of Michigan, ISR-SRC, USA

Probing in different scenarios – a typology

Dorothée Behr, GESIS, Germany

ACASI in Cross-Cultural Settings

ACASI implementation across languages and cultures: Spanish ACASI on the National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG). Arabic ACASI on the World Mental Health (WMH) study in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Chinese ACASI on the China Mental Health Study (CMHS).

Nicole Kirgis, Yu-chieh (Jay) Lin, and Zeina Mneimneh, University of Michigan, ISR-SRC, USA

Introduction of ACASI voices in translation (Audio Computer Assisted Survey Interview)

Brad Edwards, Jeff Phillips, and Ed Dolbow, Westat, USA

Translation Assessment

Backtranslation vs. committee approach: An experiment comparing how they perform

Alisú Schoua-Glusberg, Research Support Services, USA

The online translation tool ‘LMU’ adapted to the needs of the European Social Survey (ESS)

Brita Dorer, GESIS, Germany and Maurice Martens, CenterData, the Netherlands

Translation verification in the European Social Survey: A reliable means of assessing translation quality

Sally Widop, City University & ESS, GB, Brita Dorer, GESIS, Germany, and Rory Fitzgerald, City University & ESS, United Kingdom

On the different uses and users of the term adaptation

Dorothée Behr, GESIS, Germany

Respondent Behavior

Evaluation of response behavior on open-ended questions: Who took the burden to answer on the meaning of left and right?

Cornelia Züll and Evi Scholz, GESIS, Germany

Investigating cultural variability in nonverbal behaviors associated with responding to survey questions

Timothy Johnson, University of Illinois at Chicago, SRC, USA


Mortality prediction using self-rated health and mortality expectation

Sunghee Lee, Mingnan Liu and Norbert Schwarz, University of Michigan, USA

Measuring relationship status in Contemporary Europe: Problems and solutions

Sally Widdop, City University & ESS, United Kingdom and Hilde Orten, NSD, Norway

The International Standard Classification of Education 2011 and its application in the European Social Survey

Silke Schneider, GESIS, Germany and Hilde Orten, NSD, Norway

Comparative Analysis

Comparative surveys – Fit for analysis?

Peter Ph. Mohler, Mannheim University & COMPASS, Germany

Comparative multi-level analysis beyond GDP and employment rates

Daniel Fredriksson and Sebastian Sirén, SOFI, Sweden

Analysis of comparative surveys:  What has changed?

Peter Granda, University of Michigan, ICPSR, USA and Meinhard Moschner, GESIS, Germany

Response Scales & Context Effects

Interaction between question context effects and linguistic backgrounds

Sunghee Lee, Norbert Schwarz and Leanne Streja University of Michigan, ISR-SRC, USA

How people perceive ordinal response scales in self-reported health questions: A comparison between U.S. and China

Mengyao Hu, University of Michigan, ISR-SRC, USA


Using the CNEST error source typology with triangulated cross-national pretest data

Rory Fitzgerald, City University & ESS, United Kingdom

Nonresponse targets in a cross-national survey

Ineke Stoop, SCP, the Netherlands

Nonresponse survey usability: Experiences in Switzerland

Michèle Ernst Stähli, Caroline Vandenplas, Dominique Joye, and Alexandre Pollien, FORS, Switzerland

Measurement Error
Evaluation of the measurement model for political trust in the ESS (SPQ)

Diana Zavala, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain 

Correction for measurement error in multilevel analysis using SQP

Bruno Arpino, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Measurement error, data quality and the software SQP
Diana Zavala, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Willem Saris, ESADE, Spain

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