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Second International Workshop on Comparative Survey Design and ImplementationINED, Paris April 1-3, 2004 9.00    Welcome: Patrick FestyThe story so farPeter Mohler and taskforce membersGoals for CSDI Taskforces -Milestones 2004-2008 Co-operation initiatives10.00 Documentation CHAIR Beth-Ellen PennellTaskforce PresentationsBeth-Ellen Pennell Study Documentation in Comparative Survey Research Providing the Context (~ 5-10 minutes)Karl Dinkelmann Demonstration of an Interactive Metadata Documentation Tool (~15 minutes)Karl Dinkelmann Demonstration of an Interactive Questionnaire Documentation System (~15 minutes)Participant Presentations CHAIR Siobhan CareyPeter Granda WEBDOC and Survey Data: Overview of a fully interactive DDI-compliant documentation project (~15 minutes)Reto Hadorn Presentation on Translation Tools (~10 minutes)Ekkehard Mochmann Presentation on the MetaDater Project (~15 minutes)Richard Topf Presentation on CCESD Information System (~15 minutes)Round Table Discussion            CHAIR Beth-Ellen Pennell14.00 Survey Spotlight on…CHAIR Dominique JoyeChristian HolstEurobarometer14.40 Participant PresentationsCHAIR Nina RotherJörg BlasiusAssessing the Quality and Comparability of Data inCross-National StudiesStef van Buuren andAlan TennantResponse Conversion: some new results                                                     CHAIR Evi ScholzMartine Quaglia       Interviewing and Interpretation: a survey in Sub-Saharan AfricaKarl van Meter          How people see society: the network structure of public opinion concerning social conflictsFriday9.00    Data Collection                                                     CHAIR Hans BayTaskforce PresentationAchim Koch What are the issues? Plenary discussion10.00 Questionnaire DesignTaskforce: Setting the sceneJanet HarknessGroup discussion and feedback (30 and 30 Minutes)BREAKParticipant Presentations           CHAIR Patrick FestyBeatrice Rammstedt Assessing personality in cross-national social surveys: Development of an ultra-short inventory for the assessment of the Big Five personality dimensions.13.45 Multilingual ImplementationJanet Harkness Session Overview14.00 Using Interpreters                                    CHAIR Juan Diez NicolásTaskforceBrad Edwards Setting the SceneChristine Wilson Interpreting Issues for Surveys15.30 Translation Guidelines                                       CHAIR Sabine KleinTaskforce ReportManuel de la Puenteand Yuling Pan        Content Analysis of Translation Guidelines and PracticesManuel de la Puente andYuling PanThe Development of U.S. Census Bureau Guidelines for the Translation of Data Collection Instruments and Supporting MaterialsResearch on Translation CHAIR Ruud LuijkxAlisu Schoua-Glusberg Decisions Translators Make: A case for detailed specificationsEleanor R Gerber and Yuling PanDeveloping Cognitive Pretesting for Survey TranslationsPlenary Discussion on Multilingual MattersCHAIR Karl van MeterSaturday9.00    CSDI 2005 and CSDI 2006 (Peter Mohler)9.10    Testing and Assessment Taskforce: Setting the sceneFons van de VijverPlenary discussion10.10 Research Agenda for Comparative Survey Methods Taskforce PresentationsPeter LynnLars LybergLilli Japec, and Stef van Buuren Group discussions and feedback (50 and 50 minutes)BREAK12.30 Planning and milestones 2004/200813.00 Other business13.30 CLOSEComparative Survey Design and Implementation
INED, Paris April 1-3, 2004